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- Alban Theys: Drums & percussion (3,4,5,8), Drum machine (2,3,5,8), Programming
- Cédric Theys: Bass (1,2,4,6,8), Stick (3,5,6), Vocals (1,4,6), Programming
- Esteban Tucci: Drums (1,2,6)
- Tom Hoole: Lyricist, Live percussion & electronics
- Xavier Chasseuil: All electric & acoustic guitars, Vocals (2,6)

- Written & Produced by 4ELEMENT
- Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering


4Element - DUPLICITY

4Element is back with their second opus and maybe the last one… for now. After changes in musicians and several years of churning the melodies and rhythms to get to the Holy Grail of sounds, 4Element presents 'Duplicity' with artwork that already expresses the music within.

'Duplicity' is the perfect name for this album. As the songs stream through the ears and tantalize the mind, the listener can feel the angst and struggle of the band. A dyad of anger, frustration, and confusion as the heavy symphonic riffs and beats hit the street while the slow melodic pains make the listener strain for more. The machines are showing their faces. Prog, electronics, metal, pop are all intertwined to reveal the band's intent.The name also represents the two different groups of people who created this music over the years with different visions, different passions. Maybe it also shows the dual side of some of us? The band gets more political, more insane, more aggressive, more melancholy and serious. You will find a live version of their anthem concert song ‘Mid-century sky jump’ as well as some real gem as in the almost lost composition, ‘Groovenation’. A life has not lived until they sit down with a bottle of wine and some fine cheese while closing their eyes, leaning back, freeing their mind to the essence of being part of ‘Groovenation’. Duplicity is an album for listeners... listeners of the universe, the world, and themselves.

If you are in a strange place and you're not sure of your state of mind, pick up Duplicity. You will feel right at home! And it may give you answers to many of your questions...