Living Spirit
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- Alban Theys: Wood, Metal & Skins
- Cédric Theys: Bass Tickles, B Vox
- Philippe Kunzle: Strings Scraper
- Xavier Chasseuil: Electric Wires Acoustic Strings, Vox Lines

- Written & Produced by 4ELEMENT
- Engineered by Steve Christensen at Sugar Hill Studios
- Mastered by Rodney Meyer at Essential Sound


It is a rare thing to find a band that is influenced by so many different genres and has the ability to show them in one album. 4Element is such a band and 'Living Spirit' is such an album. Throughout the album you feel you are relaxing over a drink at a jazz bar only to be softly transitioned into a hard edged heavy metal melody that trashes you around the room.

The album opens with a soft edged bass riff and a melodic guitar that is remnant of jazz ("Ducks On The Wall"). It then tackles subjects as varied as love ("Corvette Amazon"), big media propaganda ("Fake Talk"), warped mind ("Insane Madness") and a child's abandonment ("Father's Day"). And in the middle of all that there is a good dose of instrumentals ("Mid Century Sky Jump" & "Seasons") to let your mind fly through the ether.

Not to beat a dead horse but every instrument in this French quartet is played as a melody instrument. That is what makes this album so pleasurable to the ears. You can tell that 4Element prides itself on dynamics, beautiful melodies and massive sound for good measure. They have good reasons to pull their chest up towards the sky. This is definitely the album for the living spirit that listens to music deeply with their mind and heart wide open.