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total running time: 1h 06min 58s
No Instruments were harmed in the making of this project

Emotional disturbances are
Part I: Fear
Part II: Hate
Part III: Shame
Part IV: Jealousy
Part V: Love

- Produced, arranged & programmed by Alban Theys
- Mastered by Allen Corneau


After moving back to France and leaving 4Element behind in the US, and while looking for some people to play with, Alban dove into electronics and what the computer could do. He had already started playing with drum machines and electronic pads in 4Element but his time alone allowed him to explore this world in its deepest, darkest corners. iMachination is his first attempt at what can be done exclusively with a computer... and a human brain!

After a couple of years of long hours and hard work, the very polished iMachination was finally out. It mixes many genres of electronic music with Alban's unique approach to rhythms and melodies. There's also his distinct humor and love for the concept album. There's always so much music can say even when it's just instrumental!

This album aches to be listened to over and over. There are so many different sides to the music and there are always new things luminously appearing after yet another spin. Delve into songs such as "Emotional Disturbance" or "Catalaunique Fields" and use your imachination!