Alban Theys


Alban started playing drums at the age of 10. He formed 4Element with big brother Cedric and would continue playing with them until the age of 18 and recording his first album at age 16. Having to move back to France in 2002 to study, Alban left the drum chair empty and quit 4Element. Practicing drums in Paris is a bit more difficult than in the US so he delved deeper into electronic music and composing and programming on a computer.

For the first few years, Alban kept himself busy and ended up with enough material for his first album, iMachination. He did everything on it with a bit of mixing help from his brother on the other side of the Atlantic. None of this music has been played live with a band but the challenge would be very fulfilling!

At the same time, he played with a variety of bands in Paris, some cover bands, some original stuff, some improv. Jass & Bazz started actually as an improv band and evolved into a great cohesive group, churning beautiful songs with jazz influences as well as prog and pop. The band played live quite a bit and did several recording dates. Those recordings are now being worked on for future release. The band has collapsed to be reformed in a different way!

As if all that wasn't enough, Alban and Cedric decided to collaborate on some music, Alban on one side of the pond and Cedric on the other. The album is based on some of their explorations on the computer. In 2007, after 2 years of hard work and sending files across the Atlantic, they release Re-De-Generation. To keep it in the family, the artwork is from their sister Sophie. An all-instrumental album with a lot of surprises as you can expect from those two.