Sweet Release
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- Corey Butler: Vocals & Guitars
- Terrance Ballard: Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
- Sarah Husbands: Violin
- Cédric Theys: Bass & Organ

- All songs written by Corey Butler
- Produced & Mixed by Cédric Theys
- Mastered by Allen Corneau

Corey Butler - SWEET RELEASE

In mid-2010, Corey's long time friend, drummer Terrance Ballard started organizing a way to record a new album from multiple locations in the US. With this vision in mind, Terrance put Corey in touch with Cédric. And Corey Butler’s second album came to fruition. It is a mix of upbeat songs such as "Dwelling" and "Not Tonight" as well as soothing melodic pieces like the beautifully haunting "Afghan" and the slow title track "Sweet Release".

Sweet Release is Corey's second opus. Everything was recorded in house in a very relaxing environment. After a short time with the music, Cedric laid down just the right bass lines for every song. Terrance Ballard is back in full force on drums and percussion and to wrap up the album, Terrance found a violinist for Corey. Sarah Husbands went into the studio to add what was completely unexpected and gave some of the songs a new melodic perspective. The end result is an album with wonderful structure, vocal warmth, complex percussion and drums, jazzy bass lines and a sweet melody to top things off.

This album comes in two moods; an energetic vibe with the full band playing the songs and a strip down version of B sides with Corey playing the songs acoustically alone for a very intimate feel.

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