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Corey ButlerSweet Release

Corey Butler is a minstrel of the 21st Century. He goes wherever his music is needed, captivating audiences with his vocal abilities and unique guitar style. He has toured the Southern US extensively and is now on a new adventure in South America. Surely his travelling will continue to broaden Corey’s sound as he goes to Mexico, Costa Rica and elsewhere.

After several years playing in some of Houston’s staple bands (Naked Content, Four Men Walking), Corey decided to go solo in order to express a more intimate side of his music. After years of playing venues with various artists, Corey honed his skills and made his voice and guitar melt into one instrument. Audiences continuously ask for more and enjoy the directness of his lyrics and the intricate patterns of rhythms and chords he plays on guitar.

Corey started his musical career by releasing a self-titled album in 2006. After touring with that album for a year and a half, Corey landed in Denver and made it home for a while. Always on the move, he began making plans to travel to South America. While preparing his trip, he had time to record his second album, Sweet Release, which was released in mid-2011 after a year of back and forth between Denver and Houston. Corey is now in Costa Rica making it his home and enjoying the beautiful sunsets of that country, tantalizing new audiences with his guitar and voice.

Corey recording  Corey playing  Corey deep in thought  Corey singing  Terrance's percussion set  Terrance on drums
Corey and band at Dan Electro's  Corey at Dan Electro's  Cedric at Dan Electro's  Terrance at Dan Electro's  Corey and Cedric at Dan Electro's  Terrance at Dan Electro's  Corey and Cedric at Dan Electro's

Corey at an impromptu open mic in Houston.
Terrance Ballard on djembe - Cédric Theys on bass