- Cédric Theys: U8 touch guitar
- Spontaneous composition by Cédric Theys
- Edited, mixed & produced by Cédric Theys
- Mastered by Adrian Benavides & Michael Day
- Artwork & design by Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Cédric Theys - Eternity's Antechamber

The beginning of a new way of writing and composing. Free flow, stream of consciousness... spontaneous compositions.

These soundscapes are not new. Many have gone down that path using reel to reel tape machines, loopers, delays, computers. But for Cédric it has been an opening to a world long closed up. These are the first ones coming out after a couple of years of experimenting with the U8 touch guitar, an 8 string guitar going from a low Bb to a high D, tuned in 5th and played by taping the notes, plugged into a laptop. Everything is always recorded, for better of for worse.

This album comes in a beautiful deluxe package with a 12 pages booklet and a 38 minutes uninterrupted track recorded live.

Eternity's Antechamber is the introduction, the first step to opening the door wide open to eternity and what comes from it. The music flows, for ever.

On February 29th 2016, an EP of Eternity's Antechamber's remixes was released, including 6 remixes from musicians and producers from 5 different countries (France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and the US). They were inspired beyond expectation and the music explored new sounds and impressions from the original tracks. Eternal Encounter is available as a digital download only.

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