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- Alban Theys: Drums, Programming, Lyrics, Production
- Cédric Theys: Guitars, Programming, Basses, Voices, Production

- Xavier: grunts on (3)
- Sine: vocals & grunts on (3)

- Written by Alban & Cédric
- Mastered by Allen Corneau

Alban & Cédric Theys - RE-DE-GENERATION

Alban and Cédric collaborated on this album from across the Atlantic, each on one side of the ocean... the beauty of the Internet! With many songs created on the computer, both believed that the music needed some live instruments. Alban overdubbed some drums while on holidays in the US and Cédric added guitars, basses and Stick. They then edited and mixed the music separately, sending the files over the wires below the deep waters.

Eternally devoted to the concept album and after reading a book on how some doctors had worked on regenerating brain cells on WWI soldiers right after the war, Alban thought the music fitted perfectly the idea of the brain degenerating and then... regenerating. And so the titles were changed and the songs put in an order that would suggest that. So is it regenerating or degenerating? You be the judge.

This music was never played live but it begs to! You'll hear here the trademark sounds of the Theys' brothers in the long tracks such as "The Darkness Falls" and "Dance of The Electrodes" but also drum and bass in "Hammering Synapses" and ambient sounds in "Out On A Blue Lake".

After hearing it for the first time, DJ Lion-O said Re-De-Generation is a recelebration of the beauty of sound. And others say this album sounds like a penguin on acid eating jalapenos through his nostrils while manipulating a power-hammer and tap dancing to the beat of drum & bass, all that while being lost in the Sahara desert… is that a good description?