Cédric Theys

Slowly Back To Normality Eternal Encounter Eternity's Antechamber Re-De-Generation I

Cédric started his musical journey in a guitar store, walked in and just loved the instrument. After a bit of practice and a few classes, he was playing covers (Metallica, Megadeth, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, etc.) with friend and guitarist Phil Künzle. Feeling like something was eluding his playing Cédric started writing original music, mostly instrumentals at first, and started a band by adding his brother Alban on drums. Cédric switched from guitar to bass, believing that the bass had more untapped sounds and that he could find his own sound on the instrument. The band 4Element was an amazing learning school and was a safe haven to experiment at will. It is still a very strong influence to this day.

After finalizing the 2nd 4Element album in 2005, which he produced and recorded, Cédric started playing around with a lot of electronics. He also played improv gigs with world music groups around town, playing with Turkish flutists, tabla players and sitarists. Cédric also played in several other rock bands trying to find the right fit.

Friend and co-member of 4Element, DJ Lion-O, asked him to produce a small 3 songs EP with Jeff Raben, a singer from Houston scene. That project became a full-length album and opened the world of recording and production to Cédric. It then took over a year and a half to complete. Dirty Desires was finally released in April 2008 and quickly followed by a string of productions and albums, a few more collaborations with DJ Lion-O and an album with his brother who lived overseas, all in a very electronic vein. It culminated with the release of I, an album consisting of songs, pieces, experimentations and melodies created over many years but set aside for a long time.

After spending much time with editing electronic albums, a change of pace was needed and Cédric then collaborated with a singer from Gabon Eric Mbadinga-Nzamba and an American folk-rock singer, Corey Butler. These resulted in two releases in 2011, Continuum and Sweet Release, respectively. After those mostly acoustic albums, the number of productions dwindled down for several years, partly due to a move to Austin and also because of incredible encounters with talented musicians.

These encounters had a major impact on Cédric, both on his playing and on his production ideas. He has been refocusing his energy on his own playing, continuing the bass in several projects and improv shows, but also finally moving exclusively in using the touch guitar as his instrument of choice. He has been playing soundscapes (check out below unedited, unmixed examples) and spontaneous compositions both solo and with his duo DiM13NSiON. The new album, Eternity’s Antechamber, exploring the soundscapes of the past couple of years, was released in September 2015. A remix album of some of those tracks is released in February 2016. Eternal Encouter is a 6 track EP.