- Cédric Theys: 8-string U8 touch guitar & effects
- Thomas McGregor: 5-string violin & effects

- All songs improvised by DiM13NSiON
- Edited, mixed & produced by Cédric Theys
- Mastered by Adrian Benavides


After only 4 months of playing together, DiM13NSiON (pronounced Dimension Thirteen) decided to put out a record of their first experimentation. The tone overall is dark, brooding, somewhat industrial and full of strange shapes hiding behind known symbols and figures. Though the pieces are completely improvised, down to how the effects change the sound of the instruments, the pieces on Imagur are edited to bring the listener on a journey, which may or may not make sense but will definitely inspire and touch you emotionally.

Thomas, who is usually very lyrical in his melodies, shows a very different aspect of his artistry in these recordings. With a flair for both percussive playing and long never-ending ambient notes, he reacts to the effects thrown at him as well as the chords played by Cédric on the touch guitar. Cédric creates haunting synth-like sounds with his unconventional instrument as well as distorted solos, cyborg like sounds and maelstroms of loops that add up to an intense tapestry of other worldly compositions.

Imagur's ten tracks are an excellent start in this journey towards the unknown, a dark painting of our World... Is the more melancholy feel on the last piece a hint to what is to come in the near future?