- Cédric Theys: 8-string U8 touch guitar & effects
- Thomas McGregor: 5-string violin & effects

- All songs improvised by DiM13NSiON
- Edited, mixed & produced by Cédric Theys
- Mastered by Adrian Benavides at Bilderberg Music & Michael Day at ACE Media


This second album from DiM13NSiON (pronounced Dimension Thirteen) was conceptualized at the same time as Imagur. Both albums were to work together as mirrors of each other to introduce the duo's sounds and experimentations. The first one is dark, brooding, focusing on human industrial life with it's excesses. And the second one is lighter in tones, more uplifting and focuses on nature and our rapport to it. The music is in chronological order so Rugami was recorded and improvised after the music on Imagur. The same processes was used in editing to tell a story so the pieces work best in the order they are presented but, as all improvised music, listening to the piece randomly might bring some new colors and emotions.

Of course, the duo, with its past experience, played and interacted differently from Imagur. Coincidentally, Thomas' violin takes more space in Rugami where Cédric's touch guitar and soundscapes were more upfront before. Thomas also started using his own loop pedal towards the later pieces, which freed Cédric to focus more on his instrument rather than the real time production. The violin still has an unusual role in DiM13NSiON and explores new territories in how it can be used in ambient music and in improvisation. There are soothing melodies in some of the tracks but the violin is usually a very rhythmic instrument in this duo. Cédric was able to explore more textured environments and leaving behind some of the synth-like sounds, while still conjuring some screeching fuzzed out solos.

Rugami is a big step forward in the duo's music though still conjuring maelstroms from Imagur. These two albums are the calling card for DiM13NSiON who are already looking at the next step in spontaneous music. Enjoy Rugami, try it in the middle of nature to see if it conjures moving clouds, loud insects or the wind in the trees.