DJ Lion-O

Dirty DesiresSoy MontanaAlteredVisceral

Music is in every atom of his being. It is something he craves. It is something he needs. It is his drug. He cannot center his self without having this creative flow. DJ Lion-O remembers, as a child in elementary school about to graduate to middle school, the band visited, recruiting new members. He wanted to play the cello so he could play the theme song for Jaws. There was something about those deep tones that resonated in him. To his dismay his father would not allow him to play an instrument. He reflects that it was probably a mixture of money and a desire for peace and quiet in the house.

Through his childhood this embryonic desire to create music existed in his heart. It was not until his 20’s though that he acquired his first instrument, an acoustic guitar. A series of life events, including schooling, kept him from practicing it. It was not until graduating college and had come back to Houston that DJ Lion-O's musical journey began.

He started playing hand percussion and joined his first band, 4Element. The only American in the band, he was playing the most ethnic instrument. The band members were from France and Argentina. It was progressive rock. This was to be his crash course on many musical things. He started to write lyrics and play with electronics. But eventually 4Element dissolved and he had to forge ahead.

After a long hunt searching for a new project, it was through an ad online that DJ Lion-O met Mark Badillo who introduced him to Shaka. As a duo they began fleshing out songs, which eventually started a band called The Soarce. It was also the genesis for DJ Lion-O's first album, Dirty Desires, which included the songs Stripper Girl, Roman Orgy, and These Things. Dirty Desires was mainly programmed but with guitar, bass and vocals accompaniment.

The programming experience inspired two more albums. Soy Montana was an instrumental album, mostly techno driven. The other one, Altered, was a group of ambient pieces. It was inspired by such great albums as Pink Floyd’s Animals.

After the rigidity of electronic music, DJ Lion-O started working with improvisational elements. A new project came together called Suns of The Tide. It included 4Element's bassist, Cédric Theys, and Orents Stirner's vocalist, Fletcher Stafford. The trio eventually joined forces in Orent Stirner for quite some time.

Then for 5 years, DJ Lion-O focused more on other art forms such as digital design, painting, writing and of course, more unreleased music. It was time to release a new album in the vein of Soy Montana but with all the experiences of the past years. It feels that this fourth album is a distillation of the previous ones. Visceral is again all instrumental but no voices are needed to make a point. There's a sense of peace in this collection even though some of the subject matters, alluded to by the titles, are from deep inside.

Having now moved to Denver, DJ Lion-O is currently playing for a folk based experimental project that has yet to be named. Karmic Popsicle comes to mind as a good band name. His musical journey still continues to this day... to be continued!