Eric Mbadinga-Nzamba



Eric is from Gabon, France, the United States... he is a citizen of the World. A man who, by the way he sings and sees the world, gives back their hearing to those who were once deaf, and their sight to those once blind... Eric is like a tall glass of cold water in a hot and dry desert, in the middle of the day. Refreshing would not cut it to describe him! He wears his heart on his sleeve, cares for his family, friends and the humanity of every individual; he takes the blows that so often happen in life and turn them into inspiration and opportunities.

His soul has always been singing and after discovering his own voice and his gift for telling a story he has people singing along with him, offering a glimpse into a spirit that has no boundaries and no doubts of a better tomorrow. Born on one continent but yet citizen of the world, virtually all cultures are echoing in him; he has found balance in singing his diversity.

He embarked in an adventure to record songs about his children, his family, his country and forgotten culture, the strength of the human spirit, forgiveness, friendship and our human bonds. Through many turns in the road and a constant faith that the project would be finished, Eric created Continuum... a first glimpse into a dimension where humanity is united.

One of the twists in the road was to record a tribute to South Africa and its team for the 2010 World Cup, the first time the World Cup took place in Africa. "Bafana Bafana!" was written, recorded and produced in a marathon session which lasted just 2 days... 2 evenings really! You can hear it below with the video, which accompanies it. You can also download your free copy here and read the lyrics and their translation here.

The 'Bafana Bafana!' video and Eric with the Continuum band at BFE.