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Around 2006, while in college together, Quentin on keys, Alban on drums and PA on vocals and bass started to play together. They tried out several other instrumentation (trombone, sax, guitar) to finally get to the basic Jass & Bazz line up of vocals, piano, drums and bass when Yann joined the band in 2008.

Right from the start, they played shows at college parties where they defined their sound: influenced by jazz improvisation, with drum and bass rhythms for the festive atmosphere. After years of playing, structured pieces started emerging while keeping an instinctive way of playing during live performances.

Concerts took place in many bars, Parisian clubs and houseboats on the Seine River. They were regularly accompanied by guest musicians to keep the music fresh and to create surprises during their shows. They will even played Le Trabendo, a renowned Parisian concert hall in November 2009 for the Fallenfest festival, where the three live tracks on this album were recorded. They will also play La Cigale, another renowned Parisian club, the following January.

In the Fall of 2010, Jass & Bazz goes at the Tournan studios for recording sessions. The album is recorded in one day with one, two or three takes per song with the whole band playing with full energy. They will play their last show in February 2012 on the barge, La Ginguette Pirate, while the outside temperature hits 10°C below zero.