- Pierre Arnaud "Pooz" Yahya-Vargas: Vocals
- Quentin "Kiou" Zanoli: Keyboards
- Yann "Nemouz" Dugrosprez: Bass
- Alban "Banban" Theys: Drums

- Hugh Colin: Guitar
- Maxime Jaslier: Alto Saxophone
- Adrien Bégué: Tenor Saxophone

- All songs written by Jass & Bazz
- Produced & mixed by Jass Bazz and Cédric Theys
- Mastered by Lee Fletcher

Jass & Bazz - EKLEKTOK

Jass & Bazz had been playing since 2006 as a trio and since 2008 as a quartet before going in the studio in the Fall of 2010. Eklektok was recorded during a session at the Tournan studios. They are joined by Hugh on guitar, Adrien and Maxime on saxophones, and the Tah"r"bled team at the mixing board and behind the cameras.

Hugh has already played a few times with Jass & Bazz during shows while the two saxophonists discover the music while in the studio. The album is recorded in one day, each piece played between one to three times with the full 7 piece band playing at high energy. The results are a mix of structured pieces with in the moment solos, vamps and vocal scatting. Jazz, drum & bass, pop and many other sounds are at the rendez-vous.