Dirty Desires
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- DJ Lion-O: Lyrics, programming & general maestro

The Naked Troubadours:
- Jeff: Vox
- Cedric: Programming, Guitars, Basses, Stick
- Justin: Some Vox
- Sine: Some Vox

- Produced & Mixed by Cédric Theys
- Mastered by Allen Corneau

DJ Lion-O & The Naked Troubadours - DIRTY DESIRES

DJ Lion-O’s debut album, Dirty Desires, will make you want to dust off your old parachute pants and synchronicity t-shirt. It has all the elements we loved about the eighties mixed in with today’s alt-techno-rock (Fatboy Slim, Gorrilaz).

The album was conceived from lyrics left over from a previous classic rockesque project called The Soarce. The signature songs of this album include names like 'Stripper Girl', 'Cockfidence', 'Roman Orgy', and 'Eightball Queen'. With catchy hooks like “There’s something about sex, it makes good sense, it gives you Cockfidence” and “She’s not picky, not at all, she likes boys, she likes girls, she likes them all to taste her fruit, so come one, so come all, come kiss the Eightball Queen”, this album makes a social statement that depicts the highs and lows of feeding your addictions, whatever they may be.

The beats and synths were programmed on computer. With its sweet analog sounds you would almost think that the old Dep. Mode had been cloned and released a new album! Not to mention the tangy belts from the vox that consistently remind you of the Mode and Talking Heads. It was as if they had an illegitimate love child and called him Jeff. To top off this crème de la crème, Cedric, in-house producer for Mad Ducks Records, added guitars, bass, and Chapman stick to complete these songs with rhythms and solos that give each song a signature sound.

Dirty Desires ranges from dance grooves to ambient. No matter what your style, you will find something you will want to listen to repeatedly, constantly, for ever!