- DJ Lion-O: Beats & programming
- Cedric Theys: Guitars, bass & programming
- Terrance Ballard: Congas & Bongos

- Produced & mixed by Cedric Theys
- Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering


After his 2 instrumental albums, DJ Lion-O departed from music for a bit to explore painting, design and more writing. After 5 years, DJ Lion-O is finally releasing his fourth album. It changed a lot during those years, first titled Anti-Hero 4.0 to finally be changed to something more primal, Visceral. The album was produced by the same team with Cedric Theys on production. Some lyrics were penned for some of the songs but those will be stay unreleased for the moment until they find a better home.

Visceral is an emotional journey through music. It needed to be raw, untamed and unadulterated, aiming for the heart. The tunes are melodic but also include somewhat primal rhythms. After getting deep electro beats going, DJ Lion-O wanted to incorporate warm percussion to stir up the emotions. Terrance Ballard was called upon to really let loose on various percussion instruments, of which he is a master. The ideas were flowing all through the process of recording this music, adding, subtracting, simplifying, severely editing to get to the purity of the emotions.

Visceral is the yearning that reaches deep into our souls coaxing us to close our eyes, raise our hands to the skies and beat the rhythms in a shaman-like trance. Visceral cannot be described by words alone. Visceral must be heard. Visceral is pure. Commune with it.